Silicone sealants improve window performance


Dec 27,2022



More and more architects, contractors and building engineers are developing codes requiring the use of protective window systems to reduce the number of injuries and property damage caused by natural or human-induced window breakage. Two common types of protective window systems use either laminated glass or protective polyester film, which is typically cemented to the window frame with a structural silicone sealant.

Laminated glass is similar to automotive windshields in that it consists of multiple pieces of glass sandwiched between a tough plastic film that absorbs the force of the impact and prevents shards from flying off the glass. The edges of the laminated glass are usually secured to the window frame with a durable and flexible silicone glass sealant.

If a window film system is chosen, a clear, multi-layer plastic film is applied to the interior-facing surface of the window, and the edges of the film are then secured to the window frame with a silicone glazing sealant. The plastic film will give the window glass the same impact absorbing properties as an elastomeric film without affecting the normal function of the window. This type of plastic film can be applied to windows in existing buildings.

Whether using off-the-shelf laminated glass or applying plastic film on-site, the protective effect is greatly enhanced. Property owners, occupants and passersby are more protected in the event of a natural disaster such as a criminal invasion, hurricane or even an explosion. Impact-resistant window systems reduce the chance of glass flying out of window frames, which is a major cause of death and injury in incidents such as terrorist attacks.


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