Demand is strong! Organic silicon prices rebounded Industry profitability improved significantly


Mar 11,2022



Organic silicon product prices continue to rise, as of last week DMC quoted 39500 yuan / ton, up 13% during the week, up 4500 yuan, silicon metal 421 # quoted 23750 yuan / ton, up 950 yuan.

Polysilicon material continues to put into production, the boom of photovoltaic-grade organic silicon products is expected to continue to rise. From a number of organic silicon manufacturers, most of the current organic silicon production enterprises on hand orders are more abundant, in order to cope with the high market demand, organic silicon production lines to maintain a high start-up rate. Industry sources said that the continued recovery of downstream demand is the main reason for the recovery in prices of silicones, the overall profitability of the industry is expected to have a more significant rebound in the first quarter of this year.


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