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Mar 11,2022



Silicone is a new chemical material with excellent overall performance, which has been widely used in the fields of aerospace, electronic information, electrical and electronic, construction, textile and garment, petrochemical, biological medicine, agricultural water conservancy, environmental protection, new energy, automobile, food, daily chemical and so on. China's organosilicon business started in the early 1950s, has developed into one of the few domestic chemical industry relying on independent innovation in the development of science and technology-based national industry, both in terms of technology and scale have made remarkable achievements, built a complete organosilicon industrial system covering organic silicon monomer, basic polymers and various end products. In the past decade, China's average annual growth rate of silicone materials consumption of about 20%, the current production and consumption account for more than 40% of the global total, is expected to exceed 50% by 2018. China's position as a major producer and consumer of silicones will be further consolidated.

Through the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of high-speed development, China's methyl chlorosilane monomer (methyl siloxane) and some of the basic polymer production capacity has been in a phase of excess, but the long-term trend of organic silicon applications market will not change, strong market demand will Strong market demand will drive the organic silicon industry to maintain rapid development. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, China's silicone industry should continue to focus on industrial restructuring and upgrading, around China's strategic emerging industries and major special projects on the demand for silicone materials, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, focusing on the cultivation and development of energy conservation and environmental protection, a new generation of information technology, new energy and other industrial needs of silicone materials. Which should focus on four aspects of the work.

First, strengthen technological innovation and promote industrial upgrading. Market-oriented, development needs and common interests as the basis, to enhance innovation capacity as the goal, to overcome a number of long-term constraints on the development of the industry's key technical problems, to seize the future of science and technology and industrial development of the high ground. At the same time, we should focus on energy saving and comprehensive utilization of by-products, take the road of environment-friendly and low-carbon development, and gradually realize the green production of organic silicon industry.

Second, the development of new materials, expand the application areas. After a long period of rapid development, China's economy has entered a new normal. The silicone industry must accelerate structural adjustment to keep up with the new pace of China's economic development. In addition to continuing to maintain the application of silicone in the construction, textile, automotive, electrical and electronic, household appliances, medical and health care and daily chemical industries, we should pay attention to and develop the application of silicone materials in new energy industries such as LED, photovoltaic components, electric vehicles and other new industries such as 3D printing materials, wearable devices, mobile energy, etc., and develop new application areas for silicone materials.

Third, accelerate the development of alternative petroleum-based synthetic materials. China's external dependence on oil is close to 60%. The basic raw materials of silicone are silica, industrial salt and coal, which are abundant sources and have obvious advantages as substitutes for petroleum-based synthetic materials, and are expected to become the growth point of silicone materials in the future. In recent years, domestic enterprises have achieved very good results in replacing synthetic rubber and resin with silicone rubber. Such as silicone rubber in the field of construction sealant has accounted for 60% of the market share; in heat-resistant materials, wire and cable, insulators, lightning arrester, etc. has been widely used; in the window and door curtain wall seals to replace EPDM rubber, gradually accepted by users. The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period should strengthen the development of high-performance silicone rubber, improve the mechanical properties of silicone rubber, focus on silicone rubber and general rubber blending modification research, the development of new silicone materials, expand the application areas. It is expected that in 2020, China's apparent consumption of synthetic rubber will exceed 7.5 million tons, such as the replacement of 10% with silicone rubber, will add an annual consumption of about 750,000 tons of silicone, more than 20 billion yuan of the huge market.

Fourth, actively develop overseas markets and move toward export-oriented industries. 2014 China ended the long-term dependence on imports of silicone and became a net exporter of silicone. With the expansion of China's organosilicon monomer (siloxane) production capacity, the level of technology continues to improve, monomer and intermediate market competition is increasingly fierce, foreign companies have basically abandoned the new monomer production units. In the future, the new consumption of global silicone monomer and its downstream products will mainly rely on China's supply, which will not only help digest China's existing excess capacity, but also open up space for further development in the future. Therefore, the organosilicon industry should be prepared in terms of technology, standards and product structure to further expand exports and make China's organosilicon industry an internationally competitive export-oriented industry.


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