Dimethylsiloxane mixed ring body (DMC)

It is colorless, combustible and insoluble in water, benzene and other organic solvent, with freezing point of 0~50°C. It polymerizes into organosilicon polymer under the action of acid-base catalysis, and is used in producing silicone oil, silicone rubber, etc.

107 room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (107 glue)

With crosslinking agent and catalyst, it can solidify at room temperature and is capable of keeping elasticity under -60~220°C, features excellent electrical property and chemical stability and can tolerate water, odor and weather aging. It is widely applied in construction jointing, insulation, shock resistance, moisture protection and corrosion prevention of electronic elements, molding and demolding of rubber products, used as leather lubricant and separant, and refers to the basic principle of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Those of special specifications can be used for textile finishing and daily chemical industry.

Methyl vinyl silicone rubber (raw rubber)

Methyl vinyl silicone rubber is mainly used to produce all kinds of silicone rubber compounds, such as insulator rubber, wire and cable extrusion rubber, etc. In application, one model can be used alone, or two or more models can be mixed to meet different requirements of rubber compound varieties.

Rubber compound

Properties and usages: standard gas-phase moulded glue, featuring excellent physical performance, resistance to yellowing and processing property. It is applicable to moulded products with high requirements on transparency. Such as button, articles for daily use, O-ring, sealing gasket and other industrial pieces. Meanwhile, this product features good resistance to high and low temperature, aging and weather, good hydrophobicity performance, and good demolding, hot tearing and other processing properties. This product is widely applied in many manufacturing industries including electronics, motor, electric wire and cable, household appliances, chemicals, machinery, traffic and automobile.

Fumed silica

Product name: Fumed silica, also known as white carbon black</br> Molecular formula:SiO2</br> Product standard: GB/T 20020-2013</br>


It is used as a cross-linking agent for room temperature silicone rubber, a coupling agent for treating glass fiber, and also a raw material for preparing silicone resin.

Methyl high hydrogen silicone oil

Methyl high hydrogen-containing silicone oil manufactured by the Company is total-hydrogen functional silicone oil, colorless and odorless. Due to certain number of relatively active Si-H bond in molecule, it can react with other chemical substances containing double bond, hydroxyl and other active genes under the action of catalyst, to produce organic silicon products with various special properties.

Industrial monochloromethane

Methyl chloride is also called chloromethane. It is mainly used for producing methyl chlorosilane, tetramethyl lead and methylcellulose. In few cases, it is also used for producing quaternary ammonium compounds and pesticides, and used as solvent in the production of butyl rubber.

Methyl silicochloroform

Methyl silicochloroform is the basic raw material of silicone products, which is mainly used to produce cross-linking agents such as methyltrimethoxysilane and methyltriethoxysilane, silicone resin, special coatings, building waterproofing agent and fumed silica.


It is used for monomer of organic silicon resin and synthesis of organosilicon compounds.

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